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 Which Technique is Better for ME!
Microblading OR Soft Powder Fill/Ombre

Describe your Skin Type:
1.  Dry
2.  Normal
3.  Mixed Combination
4.  Very Dry
5.  Oily
6.  Very Oily

How does your skin react to sun exposure?
1.  Often burns, tans minimally
2.  Rarely burns, tans very easily
3.  Never burns, tans very easily
4.  Always burns, never tans

What is your skin sensitivity?
1.  Not sensitive at all
2.  Moderate
3.  Sensitive
4.  Extremely sensitive

How pored is your skin?
1.  Almost no pores
2.  Minimal pores
3.  Medium pores
4.  Very big pores

How would you describe your skin texture/elasticity?
1.  Firm and even
2.  Elastic and smooth
3.  Lax and weak
4.  Rigid and bumpy

What is your age?
1.  18-29
2.  30-39
3.  40-49
4.  50-59
5.  60 and above

How thin or thick would you describe your skin?
1.  Normal
2.  Thick
3.  Thin
4.  Very thin

Do you bleed easily from minor skin injuries?
1.  Almost no bleeding
2.  Bleed a little
3.  Normal
4.  Bleed a lot

Do you have previous eyebrow tattoo?
1.  No tattoo
2.  Very light, virtually invisible
3.  Medium darkness
4.  Pretty dark

Do you have any of the following conditions? (if multiple, please choose one)
1.  Rosacea
2.  Dehydrated
3.  Sensitized
4.  Hyper-pigmentation
5.  Active acne
0.  None of the above

What is your skin color?
1.  Beige
2.  Light Brown
3.  Pale
4.  Dark Brown
5.  Very Dark Brown
6.  Very Pale and Reddish

 Are you exposed to the sun?
1.  Not at all
2.  Little
3.  Normal
4.  A Lot

Do you experience breakouts?
1.  Not at all
2.  Occasionally
3.  Moderate to severe
4.  Yes, a lot

Add all the numbers you scored together

13-26: You are a good candidate for Microblading and Soft Powder fill/Ombre

26-39: You are a better candidate for Soft Powder fill/Ombre

39 and above:  You are ONLY suitable for Soft Powder fill/Ombre


Microblade Eyebrows -

Before, & after 1st appt.

​Soft hair strokes that look natural

Soft powder fill - after 1 appt and immediately after 2nd appt. - Fades to a soft powdery brow

​Great for those that like brows totally colored in

You can also have a combination of both

with both hairstrokes and soft fill behind the strokes 

​First pic was microblade 1 year later

She wanted to darken her brows and add the shading behind the strokes