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Stephanie - "I love, love, love my brows!"  "I am seriously in love with my eyebrows and it makes my life so much easier!"

Val B.

I've been wanting to get permanent eyebrows for a long time and then magically my eyes fell on Molly's website. I had zip/zero/nada brows and every day I would have to draw on my eyebrows. I had gotten it down to a pretty good science, but you don't realize till you have the permanent brows, what a bother this all was. I can now get a massage or go to the chiropractor without having my brows totally worn off. I can wear the hood on my jacket without having the edges of my eyebrows worn off. I think you know what I'm sayin' here.

So, anyway, the whole experience was a delight, you really feel listened to and understood - EVEN if you're not sure what you really want. After Molly goes over the procedure and shows you her (very clean!!) treatment room, she has you sit on the treatment table, draws on an outline of the eyebrow, measures, remeasures (she is a patient perfectionist), then talks colors and you come to an agreement and your new life begins---- You cannot believe how exciting it is to wake up in the morning and you have a face looking back at you in the mirror instead of a bald face. 

Molly is a dedicated professional to her art. She is very nice and puts you at ease and talks you through every step she is doing.  Have a great day and just do it.      

I seriously love my new brows!  It feels sooooo great not to have to fill them in everyday.  Molly is a perfectionist!  All my girlfriends can't believe how natural and amazing they look.  I'm in love!  Molly is such a sweetheart too to top it all! I can't wait to be a return customer for more fun permanent makeup. :) - Denera

A text the morning after:I woke up to Brows Today Molly, Thank you!

A voice Mail I Got from Danielle 4 days after her procedure of Microblading her eyebrows. Danielle had no hairs at all.

"Good morning Miss Molly, This is Danielle from Wenatchee. I wanted you to know I love my eyebrows, I love my eyebrows, they are already so fine, I just love them, I think I love you, I think I will come back and see you - bye for now. "

I LOVE getting calls like that! Come see me!


After - Eyeliner Top & Bottom


After - 3/4 Eyeliner on Top and 1/3 on bottom




Stacy - Best experience of my life, well besides marrying my husband and the birth of my children.  I can't explain how much I love my new look, how wonderful Molly was, and how NATURAL these eyebrows look!

Karie -  "I had an amazing experience with Molly!  She made me very comfortable and I didn't feel a thing!!  I love love the way my eyeliner and eyebrows look!! I would recommend eyeliner to everyone!  I know!! I love my new brows and eyeliner!!"

Heidi - "This was awesome and my scar doesn't show anymore in my eyebrow!"

Very Happy Clients


Laurel Baker - "I was impressed with the time Molly took to evaluate by brows and actually do the prep work of forming my brows perfectly before she actually started the permanent makeup work.  She was very focused on me as the client and did a very professional job preparing my brows for the permanent work.  I am excited for the touch up appointment!!"

Cheryl - "Just had to say I love my eyes!  So excited and putting on my makeup is a breeze!"