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If you find any of these apply to you... then yes permanent makeup is right for you!




do any of these apply to you?


  • Little or no brow hair?
  • Just can't see for close up makeup application anymore?
  • Unsteady or arthritic hands?
  • Busy lifestyle?
  • Professional Job position?
  • Thin or light eyelashes?
  • Thin lips?
  • Sensitivity to everyday makeup?
  • Allergies or hay fever?

is permanent makeup right for me?


Ask yourself these questions....

Do you want to look fabulous all the time?

      Are you frustrated with:

  • Finding the right pencil for your brows to fill in the hairs that seem to disappear daily?
  • Have uneven brows or brows that smear or come off during the day after taking forever to get them right in the morning?
  •  Looking at your face in the morning and wondering why your eyes don't "pop" like they used to?
  •  Eyeliner that just won't go on evenly, runs or wears off by the end of your day?
  •  Wanting to go on vacation without having to worry about what you look like all day long in the water, at the pool or just going down for breakfast?
  •  Reapplying lip liner and lip color just to keep your face looking bright and cheerful?


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