A cancer Survivor - New Brows!

Before & After

Top & Bottom Eyeliner

  • Licensed, Insured, Certified 
  • Microblade Method - fine hair strokes giving an appearance of natural hairs.  I am also one of 5 artists in Washington State that is certified by Daria Chuprys,
  • Softap Method Permanent Makeup -  I do a gentler and softer method of micropigmentation used to apply soft fill for brows and strong fine lines for eyeliner.  
  • I am here to advise, recommend, design and apply your permanent makeup in a way that gives you your natural beauty without the work.  
  • Do you wonder if Microblading or Soft Fill Powder Brows are for you - Click here to take the questionnaire and find out what is best for YOU!

Note:   In Washington State beware that not everyone is licensed and trained.  Before asking price, be sure to ask for certifications and amount of procedures done. With a full page of certifications  and updated training every 3 months you can trust your face to Molly at Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup!  




If you would like to look fabulous every day with no effort and say
I woke up like this 

This can be your reality! 

Would you like to stop fussing with your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips?

  Are they even?  Are they Straight?  
Are you tired of your makeup smearing? 
Then Permanent Makeup is for you!  

Is it going to hurt?

Here is what a client has to say: 

"I have waited so long to do this because I was scared of the pain. I thought it was going to hurt but Molly numbs the area and I didn't feel a thing."
Molly at Carefree Beauty is Certified & Licensed
Microblade Method or Soft Powder Fill Eyebrows
Eyeliner or Lash Line Tattoo
Lip Liner, Blended Lip or Full Lips 

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Permanent Makeup Brows, Liner and Lips


All photos you see are directly before and after the procedure done.  It takes 30 days for healing and the color fades 30-40% within the first week.

Hear what clients say:
I decided to do brows and liner and let me just say - oh my gosh! Waking up with eyebrows and not having to pencil them in is fantastic! Best decision I've made in a long time." - client who did brows and eyeliner

Whether you are looking to bring your Eyebrows Back to life with a natural hairstroke using the microblade method or maybe a little of both microblading and shading; or wanting your eyes to pop with natural eyeliner or you want to get your lip line and lip color back; I have done over 2000 procedures in 4 1/2 years and LOVE to bless you with giving you BACK the look you had and enhancing your features! 

I am one of the few FULL time permanent makeup artists in Washington State!

Another clients comment:

"She takes her time in evaluating measurements and angles of your face to make sure you have the perfect result."

Book your appointment today and SAVE $50 when you choose the preferred pricing plan of 2 procedures in the same appointment. 

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My Procedure Rooms are ready for you.  Wheelchair accessible in both my Smokey Point Salon and Lynnwood locations.

Molly Klipp, CPCP

Owner, Artist


Preferred Pricing - Eyebrows and Eyeliner


Secretary and Quarterly Editor Chair

Raenata texted me:

"Look what arrived today!  Thank you for my amazing brows and I can't wait to get my eyeliner done too! Thank you for your time this morning, Had so much fun with  you and Cindy and I'm so excited for her to be getting permanent makeup by you too!"

Recognize it . Require It


Permanent Makeup is so Popular Now Because...

With Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter and so much more on line

Permanent makeup has become

THE thing to do!

Unfortunately not all States protect the Consumer (YOU) from the technicians who are not trained or only moderately trained.

Microblading is an ADVANCED class and should only be attempted by those that have had fundamental training FIRST including color theory, design and skin testing. 

I am happy to say that I have had hundreds of hours of training with the Top Trainers in the World, Daria Chuprys from Athens, Greece, Mary Ritcherson from Florida, Will Anthony from Florida, Penny Rudy from Washington to name a few. I continue to learn, train and improve my skill level to offer YOU the most beautiful Brows, Eyeliner and Lips you deserve! 

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Here's what Wonderful Morrison had to say:

"Today, I met with a master of eyebrows creator in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 15 years daily I have spent an obnoxious amount of time on perfecting my eyebrows. I have also made cosmetic companies very rich buying eyebrow pencils, creams, powders and brushes. Today, I have been given the gift of the eyebrows I was born with!!!! Thank you Molly Klipp for your artistry, care and expertise. LADIES, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Best MONEY spent in 2016!!!! Not a single second was given this morning to drawing in my eyebrows!!!! As a matter of fact I had so much time putting on my eyeliner I poked my eye!!!!! Gawd I love Carefree Beauty, down side is you might get hate mail from some cosmetic companies for the decline in thier eyebrow enhancing dept. Ladies, seriously get your eyebrows done immediately!!! 

Recognize it - Rely on It

Recognize it - REQUIRE IT



I'm getting married in September, and have vacillated for MONTHS about whether or not to dare brave having my eyebrows and lips corrected for asymmetry that has ailed me for years. I mean, it's really, really nerve-wrecking to do something so permanent so soon before your wedding. That said, I made an appointment with Molly after a raving referral from a co-worker and one day post procedure, I can full-heartedly recommend Molly and the magic she was able to work! Not only is she an absolute gem of a human and SO fun to talk to, but she's thorough, intentional, and genuinely cares about giving you the results you want. The whole appointment was a complete joy-- so quick and painless. The best part: looking in the mirror and seeing the lip contour and eyebrows I have always longed for. I get a huge giddy grin on my face every time I catch my reflection now, and can't express how grateful and satisfied I am with Molly's attention to detail and quality of work: she's a miracle worker!


Microblade, Soft fill Powder/Ombre & Softap Certified  

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